• WhatsApp

    WhatsApp now lets you control who can add you to groups

    WhatsApp has finally introduced new controls that let you limit who can add you to group messages. notes that the app now lets you stop people from adding you to groups if they’re not a contact in your address book. Alternatively, you can prevent anyone [...]

  • Facebook LIKES

    Facebook sues companies for selling fake followers and likes

    FOne of the biggest issues currently affecting Facebook and social media, in general, is the way in which news or even people can be manipulated to higher prominence. An example of this is companies who, for a certain fee, will allow targeted ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ off [...]

  • Twitter

    Twitter To Introduce ‘Clarification’ Button Instead of ‘Edit’ – Jack Dorsey

    The popular micro blogging platform or otherwise known as Twitter is "thinking about" a new feature that would allow users to add clarifications to old tweets, co-founder Jack Dorsey has revealed. Despite numerous calls for an edit button, its potential introduction is a contentious issue among the platform's users. Those [...]

  • WhatsApp, Messenger & Instagram Merger

    5 Things You Should Expect From The Upcoming Facebook Messaging Integration

    Facebook recently confirmed that it’s working to integrate its three messaging platforms - Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp - in order to facilitate cross-platform communication for users. This is a huge development - the new infrastructure would keep the three applications distinct, while simultaneously enabling users of each [...]

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Launches Its Own Variation of Live-Streaming Called ‘LinkedIn Live’

    LinkedIn is not known for its speed of innovation, but after launching stickers and frames for video last March, and testing its own variation of stories more recently, the professional social network is now taking on another social innovation by adding its own live-streaming option. As reported [...]

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